Receive your copy of the Middle East Millionaire Panel report on ‘ Attitudes towards Brands, how Middle East Millionaires want to be communicated and what are the key drivers that makes them buy Luxury Brands.’

Cost: £1950

Also, purchase our Annual Sector Reports from primary research carried out through the Middle East Millionaire Panel.

Middle East millionaire women buying power trends £1950

The middle eastern millionaire is not confined to men only. Women are major drivers. Find out the latest attitudes as to key facts and communication tips.

Luxury Brand confidence index data £1600 a quarter

The Middle Eastern Millionaire Panel produces current quarterly data on Luxury Brand confidence across 6 nations. This report gives you the latest insights.

Brand Loyalty v Global events in the Middle East £2250

To what extent are global events impacting upon the Middle eastern millionaire consumption and buying habits? Is there a limit to loyalty? How can brands be proactive and which brands are the most vulnerable? Insights directly from the Middle East Millionaire Panel

Winning over Middle East millionaire visitors to Europe and North American markets. £2250

A unique report in to the attitudes towards investing in to non middle eastern markets. This report is essential for those in Western markets keen to understand and offer lifestyle, services, products to ultra wealthy Middle Eastern consumer visitors. Maximise this unique segments engagement to your events, product launches and services. Direct insights from members of the Panel.

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