Finance, Investments, Real Estate, Government Services, Petroleum, Gas, Manufacturing.

Through well developed enhanced networks, referrals and access points with members ‘bonded’ by the exclusivity of this membership group.

We bring added value in terms of

a) ‘face to face’ – a unique and most appropriate approach to the segment, in addition to

b) knowledge of the market with local expertise led by a London based Strategy Advisor, Dr Saber Ali has a doctorate in brand engagement with middle east millionaires, and his research at Oxford University developed a co -creation brand engagement model with middle east millionaires. He is available for confidential discussions bound by NDA and consultancy.

c) Totally client centred, accessible and business focused – we represent your product or service alone

d) Confidentiality –your product will be presented and tested for reactions prior to your formal launch, and details not disclosed to any third party.

e) Marketing Communications consultancy – additional support to ensure that your product is received at an optimum success level

f) Exclusive Consultancy meetings held in confidence

We are flexible for all our Client needs. Though the Panel comprises of a 150 millionaires across UAE, KSA, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman the Client may consider the following qualitative options using our expert approaches, generating unique business advantageous insights from this niche opportunity

a) Indepth qualitative interviews with all members
b) Country specific
c) Theme specific across all members
d) Age specific

Alternatively the Panel could be used as a quantitative format

A 150 Survey Millionaire Omnibus run 3 times a year, with questions on a per item basis. Turnaround will be longer than a conventional Omnibus due to the nature of the audience.

Yes, though of the 150 members we have 7 females. However, as our male Panel members head families it will be possible to organise accessibility of family perspectives, subject to permissions being secured.

Yes, Panellists are selected on the basis of their interests. Examples include commercial and residential real estate purchase propensity across London, new product/service proposition testing in respect to luxury goods, philanthropy and social capital.

Alcohol, Politics, Religion and Sexual Exploitation.

No – the Panel considers supporting projects from all human causes, e.g. health, children, elderly irrespective of religion.

We use service/product experts as consultants to best advise on any scheme viability across collaborative projects e.g. approved real estate surveyors on specific assignments.